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Guvnor Uganda

Guvnor Kampala, Kampala, Uganda, Kampala central, UGANDA

Guvnor is Kampala’s Premier Nightspot and Uganda’s finest Nightclub.It has been process of modernisation with expansion from Kololo Night club to Ange-Noir Discotheque to Ange-Noir Executive to Ange Mystique to Guvnor now with other sections: 40 and Nook.Kampala’s Number One Nightspot, Ange-Noir Discotheque, started operations in 1967 or so, as ‘Kololo Night Club’. Many city folk from the older generations are aware of this. In 1986, new management took over the club and named it Ange-Noir.In December 1991 when a famous DJ in Kampala at the time took over the club, the current Ange-Noir Discotheque management was born. This DJ is Charlie Lubega, proprietor of what has become an institution. He owned a very famous mobile disco called SOUL DISCO during his University days. This is mobile disco is still operational.A few years later, Ange-noir Executive was born. This was to cater for those who wanted the finer things in life. These two became so popular that there wasn’t any more legroom to dance! When the public demanded more space to groove, the management delivered.

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