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Kibuli Mosque, Mukwano Road, Kampala, Uganda, UGANDA

Kibuli Mosque is one of the biggest and oldest mosques in Uganda with a beautiful view over Kampala. For a small fee you can visit the mosque and the towers as well.
The history of the mosque and its administration is closely linked to the history of the city, and indeed, country.

The mosque’s history is closely linked to the history of Islam in the country. In 1844, Islam came to Uganda. Suuna II was Kabaka of the Buganda Kingdom from 1832 to 1856. He embraced Islam but there were some teachings which were at odds with Buganda practice and when his son, Mwanga II became Kabaka these were exacerbated. Over the course of the next generation, with the arrival of colonial powers the role of Kabaka was split from leadership of the Muslim community. Prince Nuhu Mbogo (meaning ‘buffalo’) was particularly strong so the British gave him the plot on the hill in Kibule thinking he would build his palace there. Instead, he built it in the valley and donated the land on the hill for a small mosque to be constructed. Later, Prince Mbogo’s son, Prince Badru Kakungulu donated a further 80 acres in order that additional institutions could be built.

In 1941, the Aga Kan visited and wanted to assist in building a mosque on the site. The cost was to be 250,000 UGX and in order to help facilitate fundraising the Aga Khan offered a ‘shilling for a shilling’ fund matching programme and as money was raised building began.

The mosque was completed in 1951 and opened for service that year. The current patron of the mosque is Prince Kassim Nakibinge Kakungulu, the grandson of Prince Mbogo. It has been visited by a number of dignataries including the Presidents of Iran, Sudan, Zambia and Tanzania, the current and all previous Kabakas and Presidents of Uganda, the King of Saudi Arabia, and the Aga Khan.

Kibuli Mosque sits atop Kibule Hill along with an associated nursery, primary and secondary schools, hospital and nursing school. It is easy to access from the centre by either car or public transport. See the map below.

When visiting make sure to bring your camera and climb the minaret which offers magnificent views of Kampala. Also, make sure to note the giant Mango tree directly in front of the mosque. It is far older than the mosque and was left as it is as a reference point to all historical pictures.

The mosque is open and welcomes visitors between times of prayer. The best times to visit are: 8am-12pm, 2-4pm, and 5-7pm. Other Source:UMBS


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