Makindye division

This where the horizon, sky, land and lake become one. Not just any ordinary lake, but rather Africa’s biggest freshwater lake, Victoria. No other neighbourhood in Kampala home to as many international celebrated entertainment personalities as Makindye. Eddy Kenzo, Sheebah Karungi are some of the many faces you shouldn’t be surprised to run into during your visit here. Considering celebrities love settling in the midst of luxury, you are guaranteed of finding cream facilities with timeless brands at Makindye. Needless to say, Kampala nightlife spreads to Makindye as well; with its many bars, nightspots and pork joints littered all over. For a deeper appreciation of the creative arts industry in this area, you could also visit recording studios such as Big Talent Entertainment, managed by Eddy Kenzo(of the ‘sitya loss’ fame),Superstar Films, Mantie Records; Art and theatre Uganda plus Guuso Creations among other creative ventures. The place is magic and boasts of an endless list of hotels and restaurants— that have received Trip Advisor Travellers Choice Awards over the years. The granddaddy of them all is Makindye Country Club, a recreational hub that offers the unique combination of a family-oriented members’ Club and the cream accommodation, sports, leisure.


Lake Victoria

With a surface area of 68,800 sq km, Lake Victoria comes across as Africa’s biggest freshwater lake. Even better, it is not only big in terms of size. It is big on adventures.

Here are some recommendations of excursions and attractions to look out for on the Ugandan wing of the lake.

Sports fishing

With over 20 species thriving in its waters, sports fishing in the lake is MUST DO. A couple of these are as big as a three year toddler yet as weighty as an 80 kilogram person. On such is the Nile Perch, a tasty delicacy loaded with lifesaving nutrients like proteins and Vitamin D.

Rock art

On the Eastern side of Lake Victoria is an Island called Dolwe Island. It is has a rich concentration of rock art sites which feature drawings made by the Batwa People, probably over 1,000 years back. The art which includes paintings and engravings on the rock surfaces was discovered by Primary school children from Dolwe Island. For details about the site, visit Uganda Museum or Trust for African Rock Art in Africa (TARA). TARA’s work is to record the rock art heritage of Africa.

Bird watching at Mabamba

Seeing it is that time of the year when Uganda abounds with plentiful of birds thanks to its pleasant weather, the question is not whether to go birdwatching or not. Rather, it is where to go. And that’s where Mabamba wetland comes in. Found in Mamba fishing village, Wakiso, Mabamba is a vast easily reachable wetland at the northern shores of Africa’s biggest fresh water Lake, Victoria. It is with short drive West of Entebbe and East of Kampala. Its biggest claim to fame isn’t in having over 200 bird species most of which prey on fish. Rather, it is in being one of the few sanctuaries where one is almost guaranteed of seeing endangered species like the shoebill.

Munyono Martyrs Shrine

Munyonyo Martyrs Shrine is the martyrdom place of leaders in Royal enclave; St. Andrew Kaggwa and St. Denis Ssebugwawo killed on 26 May 1886 and canonized by Pope Paul VI in 1964. St. Denis Ssebugwawo a page boy of Mutesa was murdered for absenteeism on the fateful day the Kabaka returned from the fruitless hunt. Dennis belonged to Musu clan, a clan whose major role is to clean royal toilets. On 26th May, he was tortured and speared by Kabaka. While raging in anger, Mwanga kept poking Ssebugwawo from head to until the spear broke in his hand. The seizing the stunned by the arm, he dragged him out of his courtyard, into the audience hall, shouting wildly all the while for his men to strip him and execute him. He was hacked into pieces.


A number of beaches in the Division have been developed into recreation and accommodation establishments namely KK Resort Beach, Gaba Beach Hotel, Speke Resort Munyonyo, Kawuku Water Sports Club and Mulungo Kabaka’s Recreation Center. The main attractions at the Beaches include water sports such as canoeing, boat rides/cruises and sport fishing/angling. The beaches also offer bird watching opportunities too. The Speke Resort Munyonyo establishment offers horse riding, while the Kabaka’s Recreational Center is the site for the annual Buganda clans boat competition.


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