On the lookout for something thrillingly new, more adventurous and out of the beautiful Kampala City this Easter? Well, we’ve got just the solution for you- Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary! Seated in the insides of the largest fresh water lake – Victoria, the Ngamba experience is one not to miss. Celebrating Easter with orphaned chimpanzees will definitely add a twist to your celebrations and make it even more rewardingly memorable!

At most one hour from the luxurious Commonwealth resort Pier to Ngamba gives off an adrenaline rush like no other since it is on water! Buzz of speed boat echoes up the lake; the vessel cuts through the blue crisp waters. The most refreshing moment of the cruise is when you set off from water front pier and head 23Km Southwest of Entebbe, Uganda. The laid-back ape civility on a sun-splashed lush green forested island is spectacular and a must enjoy for every Ugandan or sightseer!
63% of Ugandans travel for leisure and recreation.

If you are looking for a place to enjoy time with a travel companion, relax physically, find thrills and excitement, sight see touristic spots, relax spiritually or to be away for a few minutes from Kampala , then Ngamba on Lake Victoria offers exactly that!

Time and again we are discovering the rewards of hardworking civil servants, just married couples, adventurous students, happy families when formulating our packages.
Perched on 100 acres overlooking the largest lake on the African continent is the picturesque Chimpanzee Sanctuary established in October 1998 to care for these orphaned Chimpanzees rescued by the Uganda Wildlife Authority from poachers with no chance of survival back to the wild. Every year in Africa, close to 5000 Chimpanzees are killed by poachers for the bush meat trade. As a byproduct of this illegal practice, dozens of infant Chimpanzees are taken alive from the forest, bound for the pet trade throughout Africa and the rest of the world.

The sanctuary provides care and attention both physically and emotionally. The apes receive medical care, security and food. The sanctuary is committed to providing this care for the rest of their natural lives up to 60+ years of age. This cannot be achieved without the Friends of the Sanctuary. These are individuals, organizations, SME’s that support the sanctuary both financially and with practical guidance. They maintain the support by making a donation through direct bank transfers, offering gifts in kind, becoming a benefactor or contributing to the endowment fund. Ngamba has 49 Chimps living there that rely totally upon them.

This requires considerable funding. This is your chance to be part of your own personal rescue. You can adopt a Chimp at the sanctuary. You will receive personal details of your chosen rescue and be kept informed of their progress. It is your choice to adopt Eddie, Bahati, Tumbo, Asega, Sunday, Pasa, Baluku, Natasha, Ikuru, Eazy to mention but a few. It is too early to leave, Ngamba has accommodation! The accommodation has the highest eco-quality on an island, with extensive sightseeing opportunities to showcase the best of Lake Victoria. Their guests are flattered with around-the-clock assistance and the house keepers ensure they have complete peace of mind from arrival to departure.

Ngamba has the best of it all. A gift shop selling Ugandan souvenir brands, restaurant, well stocked bar, sports activities, all complemented by beautiful vistas, romantic seascapes and African nature. Dependent on the ‘mood ‘of the Nalubale (lake), your boat cruise will take at most an hour! At Ngamba, there are four tented camps with private wooden decks that accommodate two persons in comfort with full sized twin beds, ensuite bathroom and solar lighting. Ngamba has a camping ground with many tents for the kids and youths too! So, let your children make Ngamba a frolic-filled adventure of laughter, happiness, excitement and entertainment.

As for Team #VisitKampala, we will be across the lake, back home in Kampala waiting to listen & mutter to the ‘wows’ and wishes that we were there! Lest we forget, write your experiences of how excitingly Easter went down with the Chimps coz we don’t doubt it will be a worthwhile one experience!
Happy Easter Holidays, Kampala!
Author : Eric Ntalo

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